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Add a Personal Touch to email

Your customer shouldn't feel that a machine is sending out emails. If he/she feels so, there is no way that he clicks through the message. And the email campaign will end up with low conversion rate.

This isn’t what you expect from an email campaign. 


To give your customer a feeling that the email is addressed to him/her, it is important to personalize the emails. Personalization can be in the form of adding the receiver’s first name in the message. Though you are utilizing email templates, it is advisable to customize it with respect to the audiences. This can add a personal touch to your emails.

Frame a Catchy Subject Line

The subject line is the first thing that catches the eyes of your customers. Frame a subject line that triggers them to open the email. This can make sure that you get the maximum open rate for the email campaigns.

Create Mobile Responsive E-mails

Around 70% of the people use mobile to access mobiles. If the content is poorly displayed in mobile, most of them will delete the email within the next few seconds and there is a possibility that they will get themselves unsubscribed. So, it is important to create mobile responsive emails

Play around your email content and subject line

There are high chances that the email content or subject line does not fetch expected results. So it is necessary to tweak the contents of the email message and subject line until you see an expected change in the result. You will not get it right at the first time, but it is worth the try.

Find a prompt position for Call To Action (CTA)

Every email campaign has a purpose. Some may be informational emails, where you are keeping your receivers informed about the order status. Some may be promotional emails, where you are promoting your products and offers. And some may be request emails, where you are professionally requesting feedback or product reviews.

For emails campaigns that just deliver information, there is no need for CTA. But for promotional and feedback request emails, CTA is highly important. The position of CTA plays an important role in conversions. So, it is important to find a prompt position for CTA

Add Digital Visuals in the emails

Adding digital visuals like images, gifs and videos can keep your customers more engaged to the emails. But you should also be very careful that your emails should not end up in spam. So, it is advisable to use a maximum of one image/gif/video in the mail.

This is how you’ll run all your email campaigns on Insight Mailer. 

All the above practices are incorporated when you are utilizing Insight Mailer to run your email campaigns. 

So undoubtedly, you will receive the best out of your email campaigns.


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