What are some common Amazon seller mistakes and how to avoid them?

Selling on Amazon is getting competitive with the vast number of sellers trying to sell their products. Avoiding some common mistakes can help you move forward and be profitable.

Inaccurate product listings
Your products might not be visible to potential buyers if you are listing the products on incorrect product categories, because Amazon algorithm makes product search easier by organizing search based on categories.
And also, since product page is the only way you can communicate with your potential buyers, providing complete and accurate product description is key for good selling. So, always make sure to catch up on all the required pieces of information when describing the product. Adding promotional content or freebies/discount details on product title or description is against Amazon guidelines.
More importantly, missing out on keywords can affect your product visibility on the search results, which can be avoided through a full-fledged keyword analysis and incorporating the relev…

What a seller need to know about Amazon Seller Flex?

What is Amazon Seller Flex fulfillment program?
Amazon Seller Flex is a fulfillment program with the motive to provide the sellers with more control over their inventory. The fulfillment program allows sellers to keep all their products in their own warehouse while enjoying the benefits of FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon). So they can store and pack their products on their own warehouse whilst enjoying the benefits of getting their products shipped in 1-2 days.
Eligibility for Seller Flex fulfillment program
You are eligible for Seller Flex fulfillment upon an invitation from Amazon. You cannot directly register for it. Amazon strategically identifies and invites the sellers based on a few selection parameters.
This is how Seller Flex works
● You can hold your inventory at your warehouse ● Once you receive an order, you can process the order in the seller central ● Make sure to pack the material with Amazon-branded packaging material ● Amazon Transportation System (ATS) picks and ships your orde…

Tips to perk up your Amazon product landing page

Amazon being a very competitive marketplace, buyers have a lot of options to go forward with. One of the clever moves a seller can take is converting a product page visitor to a buyer.

Now, arises the question “How do you convert a visitor to a buyer?”
Well, the answer is simple. When the visitor lands on your product page, if he/she feels convinced, then it is definitely a sales-win situation.
Here are a few factors that can be perked-up on your product page to convince the visitors and turn the sales in favor of you.
Product Display
Images can demonstrate a product better than words. If the product images are more convincing, there is a high possibility that the potential buyers will make a positive purchase decision. So, always make sure to optimize the product image before uploading them to the product listings.
Product image requirements, as per Amazon guidelines
● Product images should have a white background ● Good quality product image in the size 1000*1000 pixels is preferable ● Pro…

What are the best solutions for Amazon business?

Ultimately any solution should focus on boosting sales on Amazon. And, with a huge competition that Amazon holds, improving sales does not come easy.

Firstly, I will speak about a solution that can help you re-engage with your existing customer base. Employing perfect strategies to re-engage your existing customer base is highly essential in today’s market. In lieu to the immense competition that Amazon holds, acquiring new customers is difficult. Insight Mailer, an Amazon customer engagement tool allows you to run promotional (retargeting campaigns) to your existing customer base and can be tailored with respect to various parameters like customer geolocation, high/low selling products. The campaigns are aimed to promote other products on your selling list to them through professionalized email templates, thus increasing sales. You can also tap your repeat customers separately by offering some special discounts and offers to them.
Furthermore, to improve sales on Amazon there are two …

3 ways to remove negative feedback on Amazon?

1. Amazon will take full responsibility for negative feedback if you are a FBA seller
If you are a registered FBA seller, Amazon takes full responsibility for your product storage, packaging, shipments and customer services.
And hence, any negative seller feedback will be addressed by Amazon with the following message.
This item was fulfilled by Amazon, and we take responsibility for this fulfillment experience.
2.You can contact Amazon to remove negative feedback if the provided feedback violates Amazon guidelines
Amazon has put forward a few guidelines for seller feedback. And, if the feedback provided by buyers violates any of these guidelines, you can contact Amazon to remove the negative feedback.
The feedback is against Amazon guidelines if it falls under any of these below-mentioned categories.
● Review of products mentioned in the seller feedback section ● Any kind of promotional message ● Any kind of offensive language ● Any kind of personally identifiable information
In such cases, s…

How to handle Amazon feedback, reviews and ratings legitimately?

As a seller, you are aware of the consequences negative feedback can create. It can bring down seller credibility and trustworthiness, which can negatively impact Amazon sales. Handling them perfectly can bring down its consequences to a certain extent.

On the other hand, positive seller feedback and product reviews are one of the important determinants that Amazon considers for rewarding sellers with the buy box and improving product’s position on Amazon search results. To improve the buy box percentage and product ranking, it is highly vital to get more positive feedback and reviews on Amazon. Tips to remove negative seller feedback, legitimately
Are you looking for some ways to remove negative feedback on Amazon? We will take you through a few ways, that are legitimate as well as effective to get thenegative seller feedback removed
It would be illegitimate,
● If you offer freebies or discounts to get the negative feedback removed
● If you continuously annoy the buyers, requesting them…

How to increase product ranking on Amazon?

Irrespective of the huge competition Amazon holds, every seller on Amazon aspires to achieve good sales. If your products are listed on the first three pages on Amazon, they have higher chances of sales conversion. Amazon algorithm considers few vital factors to determine the product ranking.

You can boost product ranking on Amazon by competitively pricing the products. On the Amazon marketplace, it is highly important to focus on product pricing. And there are a lot of sellers who are into the same product as yours. By pricing the products competitively, your product has higher chances of hitting the top of the search results. This way, you can win most of the sales opportunities.
Amazon feedback and reviews
Positive feedback and reviews can improve product ranking on Amazon and vice-versa. So, it is highly required to heed attention and take corrective actions for any negative feedback and review that you recieve, and also try to boost the number of positive seller feedback and…