Why third party essentials is must for Amazon?

Business on Amazon can be profitable if executed and managed perfectly. For which, we bring in the best service and an automated tool to run your Amazon business perfectly well. Amazon services: Cataloging and listing This is the foremost activity of Amazon business, as well as the most important one. Getting your products cataloged perfectly can make the first sales call. To achieve more sales, the product catalog needs to be informative and attractive. A successful product catalog Increases product ranking on Amazon search resultsReduces product return rateIncreases Amazon sale conversions Not sure, if you could create a successful product catalog? Let the team of experts who are super smart and passionate about online marketplaces handle product cataloging for you because they are well-versed and…

Top 10 reasons for Amazon account suspensions

Following are the reasons that can result in getting your Amazon selling privileges at risk. 1.Relatively high Order Defect Rate (ODR) Any order that has not led to a successful transaction is covered under ODR. Amazon policy is that ODR should not exceed 1% of the overall orders. Any exemption can lead to higher chances of getting your account suspended. 2.Shortcomings of product shipments and logisticsAmazon places customer satisfaction first. Any kind of delay in product delivery or mis-shipments is not what a customer is happy about. Hence, these parameters are taken into consideration for determining the performance of the seller. Higher the percentage of delayed or mis-shipments, higher is the chance of getting your selling account suspended. 3.Listing and selling old items as new ones Amazon provides an exclusive opportunity to sell old items, termed as ‘Refurbished’. Amazon policy is that the old items have to be sold only through ‘Refurbished’ selling program. Trying to sell ol…

Best ways to convert Amazon product page visitors into customers

Product content makes the first sales call Product content comprises of 3 elements Product titleProduct descriptionProduct imagesProduct Title: Visitors determine the quality of the product page based on the title. Providing right and relevant information in the product title can initiate positive purchase decision. Best practices for product title that converts: Frame the product title in the right format. Let’s say, if the title is in the format: Product Quantity, Brand name, Product name - looks less informative Hence a poorly drafted product title can inversely impact buyer’s decision to purchase the product. For better sales conversions, product title should include Brand name, product name, Color / Size / Quantity in compliance with Amazon guidelines.Maximum product title length: 200 charactersProduct description: A good product description delivers the best virtual product experience to the visitors Best practices for product description that converts: Representing product attributes a…

Top 10 reasons to start a business on Amazon India

1.Get started with the business right away Getting started with a business requires licenses, warehousing, retail spacing and a lot of documentation. Skip all these, and Amazon facilitates you to get started with your business right away. In no time you hold a constructive business. A typical business requires capital, marketing strategy, hiring employees. Amazon streamlines and eases the entire process. Furthermore, a typical business requires pulling in customers. But a business on Amazonalready owns huge and extensive customer base upon which the business can be built. 2.Possibility to reach millions of customers across the world Global expansion is a primary objective for both product and service-based business. Expanding a service based business internationally is quite relatively simpler than a product based business. Any kind of product business is location dependent. And taking it on a global scale requires a lot of effort and a great deal of time. But business on Amazon is unc…

Deals Deals Deals. Amazon Prime Day is here!

One of the most looked forward event for all Amazon retailers, is the Prime Day event. 2019, will see 2 days of mind-blowing deals and high purchase, nerve wrecking purchase behavior from customers.

A heaven day for retailers, Amazon guarantees orders being fulfilled. Packaging and logistics related issues are taken care of. Since all products are on discount, there is will be very less pricing issues.

Insight Mailer tool can be used to send your customized invites for more purchases on Prime Day. A dashboard will help you plan to reach out to your most loyal and other customers to inform about your deals on Prime Day. Think of it like a special screening for your expected deals.

Amazon guarantees its delivery in a day or two from Prime Day. With feedback and ratings being very important for future increase in sales, this is the best time to get the best feedback. Using the Insight Mailer tool, you could reach out to your customers and get positive feedback and increase your star value.


Be a smart online seller

Expand your product reach The opportunities are huge, and so will be youronline sales. Why do you have to restrict yourself to a single platform, when your customers aren’t concentrated on a single platform, but distributed across various platforms?

Extend your product reach to various platforms out there. Invest in good quality content and imagesGood quality content and images are the only ways product experience is delivered to the buyers. By making it informative and rich, you are taking a step towards triggering a positive purchase decision.

On the other hand, detailed product content can help to reduce product return rate, which can be a further advantage to your selling performance. Stick to the guidelines Each and every marketplace out there has a specified set of guidelines which is clearly communicated to the buyers.

By keeping your selling activities in line with the marketplace guidelines, you can escape the risks of account suspension.

Market your products proactively

Having a…

Why should every seller use Amazon Seller App?

Each and every piece of vital business information is perfectly captured and displayed on the App.

The App is user-friendly and allows you to oversee and manage your business just at a glance.

It is available both on Google play store and ios store.

In simple, anything that you can do on the seller central can be possibly done on the Amazon seller App, which makes it simpler for sellers to manage their business from anywhere and at any time.

Important features Add a Product It allows you to create listings on Amazon – product title, description, category and images via the app.

There is a camera option available, that allows you to capture and upload product images via the app.
Manage Orders It allows you to search orders by ASIN, order ID and product title. It displays every piece of information related to an order such as order date, quantity, and unit price.

And also allows you to process the orders such as print packing slip, print tax invoice, refund order, and contact buyer.

How does Amazon Easy Ship work in India?

What is the Easy Ship program?It is a shipment program that allows Amazon sellers to store and pack the products on their own warehouse, after which Amazon takes care of shipping and delivering the products to the customers within the committed Delivery Date.
This is how Amazon Easy Ship worksYou can store your products in your own warehouseOnce an order is received, you can process the order in Amazon seller centralYou are held responsible to pack the order and schedule a pickupAmazon picks up the package and delivers it to the customers
Benefits of using Easy ShipMore control over your inventory, as the products are stored in your own warehouse. This allows you to access inventory whenever you wantIf you would like to go an extra mile in customer service, you can leave a thank you note along with your product packageYou can let Amazon customer care to handle customer queries by opting for the ‘Runaway program.
Disadvantages of using Easy Ship Prime (1-2 days delivery) is the most attra…

How to grow as a successful online seller in India?

Following are a few key areas that need huge importance to grow as a successful online seller in India. Pay key attention to logistics Plan and workout on product logistics. Choosing the right logistics solutions provider is the key to delivering the product at the committed time. To have a maximum and vast reach for your products, consider going with the logistics solution that operates nationally. And if the marketplace offers a logistics service, you can consider going forward with it or you can even choose a private logistics provider. It is based on your business requirements. For example, When it comes to Amazon India, there are 4 shipment options available: Easy Ship, Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA), Self-Ship. And the seller can choose the one that best fits the business requirements. Shipment
shipping &
Self-Ship      Seller  Seller  SellerEasy Ship      Seller  SellerAmazonFBA     AmazonAmazonAmazonFocus o…