5 Ways to escape Negative Feedback and Review

Negative feedback and reviews can let down your credibility and trustworthiness as a seller. It will further bring down your future sales. You can escape negative feedback and reviews by following a few simple yet effective ways.

Quality first

Always make sure you are selling good quality products on Amazon. For categories like electronic items that require guarantee and warranty details, it is important to list them. If your product is expected to work for 6 months, it sets expectations in the mind of customers. What is it stops working in the first week of purchase? This leaves the customers discontented with the purchase and they may tend to leave a negative review. So always make sure to deliver good quality products on Amazon.

Describe the product accurately

When customers are going through your product page, there is an expectation developed in their minds. When there is a setback in the expectations, they may tend to leave a negative review.
So, always display the product exactly as it is. It includes the product color, appearance, size, material, and functionalities. And also, you can add images of the product from different angles, so that a customer can have a clear idea of the product. Videos with perfect resolution can also serve the same purpose.

Deliver the product on time

If you are a non-FBA seller, and if you have your own logistics team to handle packaging and deliveries, make sure to deliver the products to customers on time. And also, notify them about their order: your item is packed; your item will be delivered in 2 days. This will keep them informed about their order status

Pay attention to packaging

If you are handling logistics on your own, pay more focus towards the materials used for packaging and how you pack the product. Poor packaging can cause damages to the product. When customers receive damaged products, they may leave a negative feedback. To escape from negative feedback, plan for effective packaging of products.

Proactive move if you had already received a negative feedback or review

Let’s say, you have already received a negative feedback. If you are lucky, you can fix your negative feedback with a positive one. I will tell you how. Try to develop a rapport with your buyers. Professionally communicate with them, understand the issues. If their issue is reasonable, do everything that you can do to get it fixed. This can notify your customers that you are there for them and you will take all necessary steps to understand their needs. And if the steps you take are favorable to your customers, they can even change the negative feedback with a positive one.

You can automate this process with Insight Mailer. The tool will keep you informed when you receive a negative feedback or review so that you can get in contact with your buyers without any delay. It also provides predefined email templates that allow you to develop professional communication with your buyers. So, you need not draft your emails separately, you can utilize the professionalized email templates that are available on Insight Mailer. It also allows you to customize the templates to add a personal touch to your emails. Overall, it turns out time-saving and hassle-free on you.

Final thoughts

You had taken all possible measures to escape negative feedback and reviews. And still, if you had received negative feedback or review, take it as an opportunity to learn from what your buyers had to tell. It clearly states their expectations. Next time, do everything possible to meet up with their expectations. So, sometimes negative feedback and reviews are for good.


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